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Relay Recess

Are you a school that wants to give back? Do you want your students to understand the importance of caring, and enpower them to make a difference? Then let's bring Relay Recess to your school!

What is Relay Recess?  It’s an opportunity for youth to fight back against cancer by raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Your staff and students will also receive resources to help them learn about healthy nutrition, physical activity, sun safety and tobacco prevention, all while having fun and making a BIG difference!

Relay Recess can happen in MANY forms that are flexible to your school’s goals and needs.

Perhaps your students would like to have a mini-Relay For Life, walking to support those who are battling cancer. Or, maybe your students want to have penny wars in their classrooms. Your students might also want to have $1 hat days, or perhaps they want to have a sponsored read-a-thon, all benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Relay Recess can be as short as a 1-hour event that happens just one day, or it can take place over a longer period of time, like the entire school year.

Your will get all of the support and resources you need from your local American Cancer Society office to make Relay Recess at your school a success in 2015!


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