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Disaster Action Team Trainee

The Red Cross responds to small and large disasters. Locally, the Disaster Action Team (DAT) responds about 100 times a year, mostly to home or apartment fires. When a home or apartment building burns, DAT volunteers assist residents with many of the same services provided to clients affected by floods, tornadoes, and other disasters.

Responders take shifts on-call during which they are ready to respond to a local disaster at a moment’s notice. When called, teams of two or more responders meet each other on scene to interview clients and assess their needs. Responders complete paperwork and communicate with other DAT members to address immediate needs (for example, hotel reservations or prescription refills).

This might be a great fit for you if you have a varying schedule, as you pick your own shifts each month that fit with your schedule. You will be face-to-face with clients in their moments of crises, and that works best if you are flexible, compassionate, and a “people person”.

Minimum commitment of 4 on-call shifts* per month required. (*On-call shifts are 12 hours long, either from 6pm-6am or 6am-6pm. On-call shifts are divided among three geographic areas to provide more timely responses to clients.)


Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >18 years old