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NCEN Biomedical Services: Donor Ambassador

The Donor Ambassador is important to the American Red Cross—Blood Services mission by helping to regulate work flow, ensure the safety of our donors following blood donation, and providing friendly, courteous and knowledgeable customer service to blood donors, employees, community partners and visitors.

• Provide excellent customer service to blood donors, visitors and partners by welcoming people to the site and thanking them when they leave.
• Assist donors with the check-in process and ask donors to read required donation forms.
• Assemble required paperwork for donors to take to health historian.
• Honor donor appointments and schedule walk-ins around scheduled appointments.
• Monitor donors post-donation for adverse reactions and respond according to established protocols.
• Prepare and maintain reception and refreshment areas for donors, organize Red Cross reading material, make beverages, setting out food, and restocking.
• Engage donors in conversation and encourage re-signs for future blood donation appointments.
• Direct all questions regarding donation process, day of donation eligibility, health history, or blood safety to appropriate Red Cross staff.
• Assist staff with a variety of clerical tasks and any other duties as assigned.

Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing