Oliver Kelley Farm

Who We Are

Our mission statement:  The Oliver Kelley Farm engages and strengthens our communities by connecting visitors with the changing story of Minnesota Agriculture.  We are a part of the Minnesota Historical Society, whose mission is: Using the Power of History to Transform Lives:  Preserving - Sharing – Connecting.  The Oliver Kelley Farm is also a National Historic Landmark.

We began interpretation in 1981 at the historic site.  During the early 2000’s we were in danger of being closed.  But our resources in the community and the state came through and within the last two years, we have gone through a major revitalization project adding new spaces and programming.  We strive to provide hands-on activities for all visitors and to attain consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.  

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What We Do

The Oliver Kelley Farm tells the story of the Kelley Family and Minnesota’s agriculture—past, present and future—to nurture an understanding of where our food comes from and agriculture’s impact on our world.  We accomplish this by providing engaging experiences that enable visitors to understand and learn in ways that enrich their present lives and help them shape a better future.

We have hours we are open to public visitors and conduct numerous educational tours.  We seek to assist people in discovering their history and the history of their communities by providing an authentic working farm.  

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Agency Photos

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Contact Information

Address Information
15788 Kelley Farm Rd.
Elk River, MN 55330
Contact: Beth Lochen
Contact Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 763-441-6896
Email: beth.lochen@mnhs.org
Public hours weekends in April and May and on weekends in September and October. Open Tuesday-Sunday to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Hours are 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12-5pm on Sundays. Open for group tours from March-November.
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